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To celebrate Cyber Monday AND our first ever blog post, we are introducing our #behindthelovely Series! This series is a section of our blog designed to feature some of the most rad and inspiring females that the parque Team has had the pleasure of crossing paths with -- gals whom we refer to as parque "lovelies."

// lovely [luhv-lee] adjHaving a beauty that appeals to the heart and mind as well as to the eye. Delightful, charming, possessing great moral character and spiritual beauty. Captivating, radiant, virtuous, graceful and confident.
In other words, parque lovelies are YOU, our LOVELY shoppers and followers. We may not know or have met you all personally, but we like to think that by the simple fact that you're here reading this right now, that we share the same "vibes," and we'd love to get the chance to know you all! From bloggers and Instagrammers, "boss babes" and entrepreneurs, to on-the-go mothers and go-getters with 9-to-5s -- all of whom work hard, play hard, and SLAY harder while still looking fashionably KILLER -- YOU inspire us. And this series is dedicated to YOU and showcasing what makes you uniquely awesome. #spreadingtheinspo | Now let's get inspired, shall we? //

To kick off our #behindthelovely Series, we invited Anna, a.k.a. @heyitsannabanana, to try on some of our favorite Fall looks from parque! Not only is she one of the most influential fashion Instagrammers we know, but she's a businesswoman AND a mother of two -- not to mention down-to-earth, humble, and super sweet! To us, she's a parque lovely because she inspires us to keep going and stay passionate about our dreams and goals, no matter where we are in life. Plus, she has AMAZING style with a personality to match! Scroll down to see photos and get to know a little more about Anna!

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1. Give us a little intro about yourself, please! (Who you are, where you're from, and what do you do?)

My name is Anna a.k.a heyitsannabanana on Instagram. I'm originally from The Bay Area but my family and I recently moved to Las Vegas. Some of you may already know that I am a mother of two! I started Instagram as a hobby and now I use it as a platform to share my outfit ideas hoping to inspire others. Instagram also gave me an opportunity to start a business and that's what I do now. :) 

2. You have an amazing following on Instagram and many consider you to be "instafamous." Tell us about your journey on Instagram -- how did it all start and and how have you grown since then?

It all started back in 2010, a few months after they launched the app. I downloaded Instagram with an intention to use it for the filters only. And then one day I was browsing through the popular page and saw these posts of girls and their outfits. I was so inspired so I decided to do the same thing. I've always been into fashion and thought Instagram would be the perfect outlet to share my OOTD (outfit of the day). I've met so many cool people through Instagram who are also into fashion and I'm genuinely grateful that I became friends with a lot of them! We all shared the same passion and we support each other throughout. I'm thankful for them because they helped me get to where I am today. I don't consider myself "instafamous" though. To me, it's just a number. :)

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3. Many may not know this about you, but you are a mother of two little ones! From balancing business, kids, and success -- you're basically a "mom boss"! How do you manage balancing it all?

How do I balance everything? I've learned how to manage my time and set my priorities. Having a weekly calendar helps a lot too. It helps me keep organized and productive. It does get overwhelming at times but I find it easier now that both of my kids go to school. I have more time for myself and I get to do house chores, run errands, and Instagram. :)

4. Many look to you for style inspiration -- What is your "signature" type of look? How would you describe your style? What are some wardrobe staples that you think every girl should have in their closet?

I'd say that the best way to describe my style is- versatile. I'm always switching up my style and I'm open to step out of my comfort zone and try different trends. Every girl should have a pair of black leggings and a plain black or white T-shirt. You can wear them all year round! When it gets cold just wear a sweater or a jacket and you're good to go!

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5. As a fashion influencer, we'd love to know where YOU get your inspiration from -- Which bloggers/brands/businesses do you look to for inspo?

I get my inspiration everywhere! Social media, TV, magazines or even when I'm out in public. I always look at what other people are wearing and I get inspired by them :) Especially when I was in Italy! Gosh, Europeans dress so nicely!

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6. The Fall/Winter season is now here! What trends are you loving at the moment? Any fashion/styling tips for keeping warm while still looking ultra fab/chic this season?

Right now, I'm in love with thigh high boots and waterfall coats :) Layering! They never go out of style! Do it right and you'd look extra fab!

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7. You've built a great following and turned it into both a business and lifestyle. What advice would you offer to girls looking to do what you do?

Just do it! Start sharing your outfits on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Be consistent and engage with others who share the same passion as you do :) Don't ever get discouraged by numbers and just focus on what matters the most-- inspiring others.

We couldn't agree more with her last statement -- it's all about inspiring others! Thank you, Anna! You are LOVELY.

XO, parque Gals

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